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Dropit's Platform Powers Launch Of Superhero Collectable Coin Drop By NZ Mint

NZ Mint has made its much anticipated superhero collectable drop live using retail optimisation platform Dropit’s brand new platform/app. The only mint in New Zealand announced they will auction the very first coin with serial number 1 via ‘reverse auction’. The auction marks the official launch of Dropit’s improved B2B SaaS product.

The auction by NZ Mint is expected to drive viral uptake amongst fans in what Dropit CEO Damien Green calls “A demonstration of how scalable the technology has become. Dropit taps into the power of technology to drive better purchase experiences for both sellers and buyers.”

The reverse auction software application can now be plugged into and optimised for any eCommerce businesses. If retailers have something to sell, Dropit was designed to create hype and ‘FOMO’ in order to sell it. Instead of pricing going ‘up’ as it does with a conventional auction, a reverse auction sees an item’s price drop and players decide how low the price goes before hitting ‘buy now’. If they don’t act fast, they risk losing out against other players! They then have a limited time to check out and complete their purchase. Dropit technology provides real time price discovery and an exciting and engaging way for merchants and customers to connect and transact online.

“It’s an exciting time as we introduce our new collectables range. Dropit’s technology gamification was chosen specially to generate hype and excitement for this special launch of our new and exciting product range,” said Simon Harding, CEO.

Dropit was founded in 2015. Previously, its technology had been used for sporting applications like Major League Baseball games which ran 60-second, reverse auctions during gaps in the action. Its newly optimised app operates as a B2B SaaS product; is available globally to Shopify stores and is easy to integrate with other platforms and interfaces. It utilises leading and proven software system services and programming languages to deliver stability, efficiency, and scale. No more handing out flyers at games to advertise the auction platform! It places reverse auction tech directly into the hands of vendors.

“We believe that in order to stand out in a crowded space, retailers need to offer something different; something new. Dropit is a brand new, exciting buying experience. We’re excited to be the technology of choice for such a large player in the collectibles industry; and about the possibility that reverse auction technology offers retailers globally,” concludes Damien.

Visit: https://www.dropitauctions.com/

Or on Shopify at: https://apps.shopify.com/dropit-auctions