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Smarter sales
in seconds

Realise the true value of goods with Dropit, the world-first reverse auction software that uses real-time demand to dynamically drive price discovery.

but simple.

Fast and seamless integration 

Customizable design features

High traffic and high demand transactions

the clever app to drive sales

Price discovery and value across rare and scarce items.

Dynamic reverse auction software that spikes urgency as customers  compete to name their price.

Drop the clock, feel the FOMO, and  witness true demand driven value in real time.

Experience fast and seamless integration, customizable design features.

Perfect for use across high traffic and high demand transactions.


Adrenaline fuelled customer experiences


Activate price discovery and sales value simultaneously


 Rare drops, scarce drops, to cool drops, use-cases for all

Defining Dropit.

Dropit is a software application that allows you to run fast and competitive reverse auctions (drops), where hype driven demand fuels customers to set their price and buy their desired item.

Watch your customers win.

The clock drops as the hype and theatre builds.  The first to click BUY NOW goes through to checkout to complete their purchase -
provided the sale price is above your reserve.

Easy scheduling and set-up.

To set up each drop:
1.    Select your product
2.    Set the start price, the (hidden) reserve, and schedule your auction time
3.    Ready, steady, drop!

Proof that’s in the price.

Brands.co.nz is one merchant that prides themselves on offering their huge customer base lots of ways to shop on their site. Since integrating Dropit, brands.co.nz have run hundreds of successful drops across a range of items to create more demand, attract new customers, and grow value.

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“Dropit is one of the best app’s we’ve integrated, very intuitive and we could customise it to our look and feel. Setting up drops is easy. Testing different products across our range of categories is the versatility we were looking for.

Dropit is fun to watch and our customers keep asking for more drops. Best of all, is they get a say in what they want to pay, often it’s more than you would think!”

- Brands.co.nz Team


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Free to install

No monthly subscription cost.
2% revenue on Dropit sales.


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